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Jia Ma

Senior Product Manager, AI/ML Products and Data Infrastructure


Jia Ma is a seasoned leader with a strong background in AI/ML products, data infrastructure, and accessibility.  

Her career spans roles at Microsoft, where she incubated the Accessibility Copilot, a testament to her ability to lead AI implementation in real-world scenarios, and at  Amazon, where she significantly enhanced Amazon Advertising recommendation engine initiatives. As a co-founder of a big data and AI-powered global platform in the logistics and supply chain sector, Jia also demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in driving business strategies and social impact. With a fervent commitment to the development and mentorship of others, Jia has mentored a number of early-in-career professionals and distinguished herself by delivering impactful presentations at several prestigious technology conferences. 

Jia holds a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction and Sociology from Iowa  State University, providing her with a solid foundation in both the technical and societal aspects of AI. Beyond her professional achievements, Jia is a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity, and allyship. Her commitment to these values not only enriches her workplace but also positively impacts society, making her a true leader in the technology industry.


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