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Sabrina Hsueh

Director of Ethical AI and External Innovation


Pei-Yun (Sabrina) Hsueh, PhD, FAMIA, serves as the Director of Ethical AI and External Innovation at Pfizer. With her extensive background in AI leadership roles in large enterprises and startups within healthcare and life sciences, she has propelled health AI innovation and Responsible AI practices, bridging the gap between AI and Medicine with a focus on humanity and equity.

Hsueh has been at the forefront of discussions in private-public partnerships for AI standardization bodies such as IEEE Standards on AI Nudging and NIST AI Safety Consortium. Additionally, she helps form community consensus through her roles as the Practitioner Board Member of ACM, the Co-Chair of AMIA AI Evaluation Showcase, and the Co-Chair of Trustworthy AI/Real-World Data for AI Work Group with Harvard Medical School DCI-Network.

Previously at IBM Research, she chaired the IBM Research Health Informatics Community and played pivotal roles in various committees and workgroups, including AMIA Consumer and Health Informatics Work Group, AMIA Scientific Program Committee, and ACM KDD Health Data Science Workshop series. Her commitment is demonstrated through over 80 technical papers and patents, alongside distinguished paper awards.

Hsueh's recent edited book, "Personal Health Informatics: Patient Participation in Precision Health," published by Springer in 2023, and election to IBM Academy of Technology underscore her dedication to lead the community with a visionary approach on patient participation in the design of AI for Medicine.

Passionate about leadership and mentorship, Sabrina co-chairs the Women in AMIA Steering Committee, hosts the ACM/AMIA podcast series to promote women leaders, and co-founded a new special interest group to advance global health equity.


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