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International Delegation

Promoting Bilateral Trade

AABDC is keen on enhancing bilateral trade relations by facilitating discussions between Chinese businesses and their counterparts in America. Through this dialogue, we aim to identify potential areas for collaboration and create platforms for trade expansion.

Encouraging Investment

The delegation will explore avenues for investment in both countries. AABDC members are interested in understanding the Chinese market landscape, investment policies, and identifying strategic investment opportunities that align with their business objectives.

Technology and Innovation Collaboration

In today's rapidly evolving world, technological Innovation is key to sustainable development. AABDC is eager to explore collaborative ventures in technology, research, and innovation sectors, facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise.

Networking and Relationship Building

AABDC recognizes the importance of building robust networks. The delegation visit will provide a unique opportunity for delegates to engage in networking events, B2B meetings, and interactive sessions, paving the way for enduring relationships between businesses in China and the United States.