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Lucy Chan

Advisor and Coach, Global Sales School, IBM

Program Director, AABDC

After a 36-year remarkable career with IBM, Lucy retired as Vice President of Sales and Business Development in October 2015.  Since then she has reinvented herself and emerged as an Advisor and Coach.  She actively offers her experience and expertise to early-stage companies on how to go to market, acquire new customers and co-create unique and compelling values through selling process.  She also frequently provides coaching sessions to next generation of leaders. 

The coaching topics most sought-after include:

  • Communicate for Impact

  • Negotiate for mutual success

  • Nurture client relationships for business

  • Lead teams by unleashing potential

  • Personal Development – What It Takes to be An Executive in A Global Company

  • Speak with greater power using personal stories

Lucy’s mission statement, updated in January 2016, “Going forward, I want to find opportunities as the "catalyst" for positive change, using the skills, wisdom, knowledge and resources I accumulated in the last 40 years.   I want to engage societal issues that require transformation using technology and business principles, with Sustainable Development Goals as measurable outcomes.  I enjoy working with young adults, encouraging them to awaken the abilities that have been lying dormant within and to arouse and extend their souls' aspiration to become full and complete.  I am interested in learning from like-minded citizens from around the world and contributing to the part of the world I touch.  Together we will make our planet a better place for generations to come.”


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