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Frances West



Frances West is an internationally recognized thought leader, keynote speaker, advisor, and technology executive known globally for her work in digital inclusion, emerging markets, and organizational transformation.  An innovator for inclusion on a global scale, she works with industry, government, startups, and nonprofits to ensure that human diversity is at the core of disruptive innovation. A trailblazing woman in tech pioneer, Frances’ human-first thinking is rooted in her experience as a first-generation Asian immigrant who rose to the executive rank, including IBM’s first Chief Accessibility Officer and the founder of FrancesWest&Co, her global strategy advisory company. Her expert knowledge of operationalizing inclusion as a future-ready business imperative in the age of AI is sought after by Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as the United Nations.  Frances is also the author of the award-winning book “Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation,” an inspirational and insightful book describing her personal and professional journey and what led her to create the Authentic Inclusion™ strategic framework for implementation actions. Frances proposes new ways for leaders to think about inclusion to achieve business objectives and sustain market expansion, business differentiation, and talent acquisition. 


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