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Florence Lu

Senior Technical Architect, Master Inventor


Fang (Florence) Lu is a Senior Technical Architect and five-time IBM Master Inventor. Over the last twenty years, she has developed numerous software applications at IBM, ranging from Enterprise Social Solutions to Healthcare Analytics. She has also designed and developed cloud-based AI ML solutions for clients to solve real-world challenges.

With over 270 granted patents in various technical domains, Florence's contributions extend beyond her technical expertise. As a long-term IBM Women Inventors Community co-chair, she has significantly expanded the effective diversity, equality, and inclusion program within IBM. Her efforts have not only encouraged all the employees to engage in technology innovation activities but have also fostered a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

Florence is an AAAS Lemelson Invention Ambassador and a keynote speaker who has been sharing her insights on AI and driving positive change in industries and the academic world.


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