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Dr. Chitra Dorai

Chitra Dorai, Ph.D., is an Artificial Intelligence researcher with more than 30 years of R&D experience and a sustained record of creating technology innovations that address important societal problems. Dr. Dorai holds a prolific portfolio of peer-reviewed research publications, award-winning patents and global research accolades. 

Her industry-transforming work in mortgage servicing helped thousands of US home owners facing foreclosure risk to retain their homes during the housing crisis of 2008. Her community-focused tech solutions, again during pandemic years, helped renters and home owners in the State of Georgia obtain federal and state assistance easily to continue to keep their residences. In 2019 and 2022, Dr. Dorai received Certificates of Congressional Recognition from the United States House of Representatives in recognition of her contributions. 

Amicus Brain Innovations, an award-winning startup in digital health, brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform care management for millions of families of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, and help them live well with the right support throughout disease progression. In June 2023, Amicus Brain was announced as a Discovery Award winner in the Longitude Prize on Dementia, an international challenge competition, for its AI innovations that assist people living with dementia to stay socially connected and enjoy independent and fulfilled lives.

Dr. Dorai was formerly at IBM as an IBM Fellow and served as the Global CTO for cognitive services in the Consulting unit. She is the first woman of South Asian origin worldwide to have been recognized as the IBM Fellow, the company’s preeminent technical honor. A researcher, entrepreneur and a mother, Dr. Dorai volunteers her time locally with senior centers and high schools, and globally with career coaching and STEM advocacy programs.


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