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Roshani Bhatt

Managing Director of AI and Digital Transformation


Roshani Bhatt is a Data and AI Managing Director at Accenture.   She is responsible for delivering Data, AI, Cloud Transformation and Analytics Consulting services to the Fortune 100 clients. Roshani is based in New York and has more than 20 years of consulting  experience. Roshani has successfully delivered large scale transformational IT programs, architected multiple Data and Analytics Strategy, Cloud Journey, Gen AI, Data Engineering, Data Science and Visualization projects to Fortune 100 companies.

Roshani is the Global Data Modernization Lead which comprises Data Analysts, Engineers and Architects.   Roshani also serves as a Quality Assurance Lead for Large Complex Data and AI Engagement across North America.  Roshani is passionate about advancing women in workplace and has been an advocate for Women in Technology.


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