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Joint Statement - to Oppose Anti-Asian Racism During Coronavirus Crisis

March 27, 2020

The Asian American Business Development Center (AABDC), along with undersigned diversity and community organizations, jointly stand against anti-Asian racist acts and words that have become prevalent since the Coronavirus outbreak.

As advocates for diversity and inclusion in America, we are deeply troubled by the stigmatization of Asian Americans, particularly of East Asian origins, many of whom have faced indiscriminate blame for the pandemic solely due to their racial identities.

We call on all segments of American populations including businesses, academic institutions, religious groups, non-profits, local, regional and national governments, and all who believe in the shared values of a civil society, to denounce harassment and hostility against Asian Americans.

Please refer to the statement published by the AABDC about this issue, as well as the guidelines we have offered to corporate managers and their employees who wish to show their support for the Asian American community.

The undersigned organizations are ready to assist with any resources that would help to address this situation.

John Wang

Founder & President


Frankie Miranda


Hispanic Federation

Michael J. Garner


One Hundred Black Men

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