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2023 AABR Report & Current DEI Challanges

We are excited to share with you the recap of our highly successful Asian American Business Roundtable 2023, which took place on June 22 in New York City, with the theme “DEI Strategy: Unlocking the hidden value of ERGs.”

This one-day event drew scores of motivated members of Employee Resource Groups, their corporate supporters including Chief Diversity Officers, and a line-up of top-notch speakers from some of our nation’s biggest brands.

We’re living in a time of transition in relation to attitudes and policies toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. No doubt we all have been following the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action relating to institutions of higher education, and the many opinions that have cascaded on both sides.

It is no coincidence that an increasing number of articles appeared recently critical of DEI and ESG policies in corporate America as wasteful and destroying productive economic investments. We strongly disagree with these views, and believe that it is more imperative than ever for those of us who have been devoted to making society and workplaces more diverse, inclusive and equitable stand together.

This report should be proof of the increasing influence and contributions that the diverse workforce groups are making toward business success.

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