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DEI is Good for America’s Future

February 29th, 2024

Floor 61, Accenture - 1 Manhattan West

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- AABR Summit 2024 -

DEI is Good for America’s Future


AABR 2024

As the debate about the aftermath of the 2023 Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action relating to institutions of higher education continues, many opinions have cascaded on both sides affecting corporate attitudes and policies toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. While some are more critical of DEI policies in corporate America as wasteful and destroying productive economic investments, others are moved to increase their DEI efforts in support of the diverse workforce groups and their increasing influence and contributions toward business success.

We, at AABDC, believe that it is more imperative than ever for those of us who have been devoted to making society and workplaces more diverse, inclusive and equitable to stand together. We hope you join us and the business leaders committed to maintaining organizations and cultures reflective of today’s society at large, at our annual Business Roundtable to exchange ideas and generate solutions for yet another wave of turbulent times.


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