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DEI Strategy 2023: Staying the Course

June 22, 2023

Baruch College Vertical Campus


AABR 2023

In the post-pandemic working world, the voice of the employee is more resonant than ever: younger generations of employees are looking for alignment with a corporation’s purpose and expect corporations to take action on social issues; new norms like remote and hybrid work have displaced traditional in-office policies. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that represent diverse employee populations are at the frontier of corporate collaboration that can drive successful business outcomes, if effectively engaged as partners. Businesses that not only actively engage with their ERGs but that are open to external learning and insights stand to benefit the most.


With business consistently ranked as the most trusted institution, corporate leadership must persevere in diversity, equity and inclusion goals despite economic challenges. In response to the considerable interest generated by the ERG Forum earlier this year, the Asian American Business Roundtable 2023 puts ERGs as the core theme, examining allyship solutions among multicultural employee groups, and the importance of mentorship relationships, as well as the nuances for Asian American Pacific Islander participants.


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