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Tiffany Baker

General Manager, PepsiCo

Tiffany started her career with PepsiCo in 2013 with the beverage industry and has since gained critical experiences leading and managing operations across multiple locations in New York and Pennsylvania areas. As a proven General Manager, she has led many transformation agendas throughout her tenure. She is a focused leader who consistently delivers results and leads by example through her strong work ethic and mentorship. In her most recent role, Tiffany will be responsible for standing up the operations of our new Alcohol Division for PepsiCo, known as Blue Cloud Distribution. Through this role, she will gain critical experiences as an entrepreneur, setting up distribution sites and sales teams across the New England Market Area.

She has also played an active part in the Employee Resource Groups with PepsiCo, as a Co-Chair for Pacific Asian Network, supporting with mentorship and community events, while developing plans across the division for Asian American Communities.

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