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Asian American Business Roundtable 2022 Highlights

By the mid-21st century, key minority ethnic groups in the U.S., who are already becoming the majority population in some large urban areas and states, will be the largest demographic group – a New Majority. The New Majority (majority of minorities) is expected to profoundly shift the way the American economy and corporations operate in the future, creating a new mainstream market.

AABDC invited civil rights, business, community, and nonprofit leaders to gather, speak, learn from and brainstorm with each other on Asian American Business Roundtable (AABR) NEW MAJORITY 2022: The Opportunity for Building Allyship at the Asia Society and Museum on June 3rd, 2022. We are witnessing growing support for and interest in the New Majority collaboration from organizations representing all three of the largest New Majority communities. When we engage in difficult conversations about unlearning prejudice acquired in our respective communities, when we work together and support each other, and when we speak with one voice, it is incredibly powerful.

Photos and videos are uploaded to Album and Channel. Check out and get in touch with the wonderful content at AABR Summit 2022.

Please fill out this 5 minutes post-event survey to help us plan the future Asian American Business Roundtable (AABR).


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