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Project Rebuild

Project Rebuild is dedicated to helping minority small businesses. Through this program, AABDC has endeavored to provide technical assistance support, including capital access, legal consultancy, and digital marketing, identifying resources that small businesses in most need.

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Join Us to Make a Bigger Impact

We believe that corporate initiatives are a critical part of long-term, collective solutions needed to help small businesses in minority communities. Many small businesses are the bedrock of America’s economy, and are in dire need not just for funds but technical support Non-financial support is a win-win-win: large corporations can not just donate funds but also the time and skill of their workforce; employees can be directly involved in providing solutions; and small businesses can access high-value services and counsel that would normally be out of their reach.

AABDC plans to focus on delivering the following

Identify financing

 banks, SBA, CDFI (Community Development Financial Institutions), non-profit business lenders.

Marketing expertise

including communications and advertising firms to develop marketing strategies, as well as providers with the skills to implement them.

Technology providers and expertise to upgrade and to digitize

especially in view of the necessity to migrate marketing and operations to be fully online.

Professional advisory services

including legal, accounting, management consulting, human resources and training, real estate, etc.

Asian Businesses Matter

As a part of our Project Rebuild: Small Businesses Technical Assistance Project, Asian Businesses Matter is a series of social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Our mission is to support Asian American-owned businesses by promoting them nationally along with their pictures and stories. The idea of creating Asian Businesses Matter is to provide a solution for small businesses to help their marketing needs, digitalize their businesses and increase their customer base.


We encourage our partners to share and participate in this effort through their channels of contact and to patronize these businesses whenever possible.

Project Rebuild Events

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