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Peter Liu

President, American Windows Plus Inc.

Peter Liu founded American Windows Plus Inc in 2017. Currently serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, it has doubled sales every year, and is the fastest growing company in the windows and doors industry.
Peter was born in Hebei, China, from an ordinary family, but he was unwilling to be ordinary. He was determined to start a business since he was a child. He had started a company and set up a factory, and experienced ups and downs. In 2014, when he arrived in the United States, he had no money, no English, and no skills. Everything had to be started from scratch. However, Peter is never afraid of difficulties, loves challenges and never sets limits on himself. Peter is ambitious, thoughtful, targeted, strong-willed and loves learning very much. He is also very caring, and gives back to society as well, whether on the street or through donating windows and doors, or checks to churches, schools, and other organizations.



Peter Liu
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