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Peiwen Shih

Managing Partner, aLanguageBank

Ms. Shih is a forward thinking, strategic-minded, goal-oriented leader with a proven track record of start-ups. She is an entrepreneur and self-starter with excellent communication, leadership, and team-building skills.
After starting in the broadcasting industry in Taiwan and Hong Kong, she came to New York City with two suitcases and enough savings for six months. She found her first job via a personal letter to the founder of the largest Asian American advertising agency in North America. He then commissioned her to build aLanguageBank, a translation company, that is now the leading language services provider in New York City. Most recently, aLanguageBank has kept diverse communities informed throughout the pandemic. Ms. Shih entered the healthcare industry in 2013 when she served as the Managing Director of Medical Excellence International, a start-up concierge medicine company invested by C. V. Starr. She founded Supreme Medicine Advisors in 2016 to help families who are seeking medical services in the US.



Peiwen Shih
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