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Yuri Aguiar

Chief Enterprise Data Officer,


Yuri Aguiar grew up in a small idyllic fishing village on the outskirts of Mumbai. His career in business and technology started by accident. After graduating with physics as his major, he was rejected at multiple job interviews because he didn’t know how to use a typewriter or a fax machine. Coincidentally, he was introduced to the world of software, and started as a data entry operator before graduating to increasingly roles over a period of 15 years.

He has held positions as CIO, CTO, Strategic Portfolio Director, and Director of Worldwide Technology Operations in India, Hong Kong and the United States. His role prior to WPP was the Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at the Ogilvy Group. He recently completed his Masters in Digital Marketing. His many experiences have been manifested in his book ‘Digital (R)evolution – Strategies to Accelerate Business Transformation’ published by Wiley in April 2020. The book was written and published to raise money for childhood cancer research.

An avid music and aviation fan, he loves spending downtime on a flight simulator. Yuri has partnered with colleagues to organize charity concerts for Breast Cancer, US Veterans, and for victims of the tsunami in Japan – often drumming with the band.


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