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Scott Huang

Director II, Finance, Stop & Shop

Scott partners with business leaders and manages the financials of Store Operations, eCom- merce, Marketing, Real Estate and Capital planning.

Scott sits on the Executive Safety Committee to improve safety and to evolve strategies to mitigate risk. He also sits on the Helping Hands steering committee to support and help associates facing an unforeseen extreme financial hardship. Scott is a member of the Health and Sustainability Governance team to achieve S&S’s strategic imperatives on food waste, carbon emissions, healthy sales, and sustainable plastic packaging. Outside of work Scott volunteers at Tzu Chi, a charitable organization.

Previously Scott was VP Flavors Group Controller at Firmenich, managing finances for the global Flavors Division across Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, and Africa. Prior to that he was the VP Finance and Strategy at The Topps Company managing the Confectionery division.

Scott had a unique career in non-Finance functions. He held roles as a Systems Analyst, Process Improvement Consultant, Sales Manager, Global Marketing Manager, and Corporate Develop- ment. Within all these domains he has been recognized with multiple awards and achievements. Scott received both his BS Electrical and Computer Engineering and MBA at Carnegie Mellon University.


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