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Madame Vo’s Fight to Stay in Business Through A Global Pandemic

June 8, 2021 | 7:00 - 8:00 PM EDT

Businesses across the country took a major hit during the Covid-19 pandemic with many being forced to close up shops. New York is a city that thrives on its small businesses, and one of the hardest hit of all has been NYC’s exuberant restaurant industry. When indoor dining was first shut down, restaurant owners large and small had to scramble to figure out their next move. Even with businesses booming, nobody could have expected what the pandemic would bring.

Madame Vo and Madame Vo BBQ are two beloved Vietnamese restaurants located on the Lower East Side run by Executive Chef and Owner, Jimmy Ly. Madame Vo has become a staple and go to spot for some of the best Vietnamese food in New York, serving up classic dishes like pho, spring rolls, chicken wings, vermicelli bowls, and Vietnamese bbq.

Join us on June 8th for a sit down with Jimmy to discuss how the pandemic has changed the landscape of the food and beverage industry, how he had to adapt and pivot from his business model, and what this means for business going forward.



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