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Kavitha Subbiah

Systems Manager, IT Work Management Solutions, ConEdison

Kavitha Subbiah is a Systems Manager in Information Technology (IT), Business Systems Delivery, making remarkable contributions to the Gas and Construction business organizations. Kavitha joined the company in 2016, after working as a contractor for 18 years. Kavitha began her career working with a vendor to develop and implement one of the most advanced Work Dispatching systems the Company had at that time.

She developed three mobile field inspection applications which helped to advance gas inspec- tion processes. She developed a Service Line inspection application for Gas Operations to do service line inspections; a Tunnels, Corrosion, and Pressure Control mobile application and, an application for NYC plumbers to perform corrosion and leak survey inspections. In the past she volunteered to organize STEM programs for local school children. Prior to Con Ed, Kavitha Subbiah worked as a consultant at American Insurance Group (AIG) from 1994 to 1998. At AIG, Kavitha led a team of six developers.

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