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Anshu Kak

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer (DE),


Anshu Kak is a Vice President & Distinguished Engineer (DE) at IBM. She works as a CTO for Financial Service Integrated account. Prior to that she was an executive for worldwide technical sales and led a Analytics Technical Specialists worldwide which is a multi billion dollar business. She was responsible for the strategy, revenue and direction for the technical sales team. Prior she led the Software Client Architects globally as well as led Tech Sales Software as a Service business. Anshu is a recognized leader in IBM and software industry broadly for her significant contributions to the industry and her team is responsible for architecting cloud and analytics/AI solutions for numerous IBM clients. Her team works very closely with the development teams in IBM be it for Hybrid Data Management, Data Governance & Integration or Data Science & Business Integration. Key important role for her is client satisfaction and how IBM clients get business value from IBM software.

She co-leads the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture and member of IBM Architecture Profession Board. Has written various papers on cloud technology and recently co published papers on Cognitive computing, Mobile in Cloud and BigData Analytics in Cloud to CSCC (Cloud Standards Customer Council). She also has the responsibility for leading the technical sales teams for expansion of SaaS business for IBM thus specializes in Cloud Computing. Prior to that she was CTO for Middle East and Africa, to define and work on strategizing how to have IBM penetration in the region, and grow the sales and distribution technical team. Anshu is recognized as a leader in the deployment of architecture and the design of complex end-to-end client solutions, leveraging her deep technical expertise in Enterprise Architecture, SOA, Cloud and Cognitive Computing.She has written numerous books on deployment of software and is also part of the Architect and DE board at IBM. She has received numerous awards and accolades from the industry and the recent one was from Asian American Business Development as top 50 Asian Americes in Business.

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