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Abhishek Shankar

President, North America, Communication Media Technology & Private Equity, Tech Mahindra

Abhishek Shankar is President of North America’s Communication Media Technology and Private Equity for Mahindra Group’s Tech Mahindra, He helps organizations simplify their digital transformation journey while keeping pace with the speed of technology disruptions.

He is also the Head of Global Partnerships focusing on forging relationships with US based OEMs, Software Firms and Cloud Hyper Scalers.

Previously, Abhishek worked at HCL Technologies, in Palo Alto, and was the Global Head of its Digital Strategy Consulting unit focusing on Cyber Security, Cloud and Agile Software Engineering. He also set up the HCL’s Life Sciences and Health business that eventually grew from zero to a $1Bn business during his tenure.

Abhishek holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Delhi University and an MBA degree from the Indian Institute of Management. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey with his wife and 2 kids. He loves to host Bollywood themed soirees and promotes local stand-up comics of the South Asian Diaspora.

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