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Frances West

Founder, Frances West & Co.

Frances West is the founder of Frances West & Co, a global strategy advisory company focusing on operationalizing diversity & inclusion through digital transformation. Frances and her expert partners help public, private, non-profit, and start-ups thrive and grow through digital inclusion and purpose-driven innovation strategy.

She has 30+ years of global business management, technology sales, emerging market development, and organization leadership experience. She has held numerous executive positions, including as IBM’s first Chief Accessibility Officer.

Frances is a board member/advisor of for-profit and nonprofit companies and was

recognized as the 2021 Director to Watch by the Private Company Director. She is also a globally sought-after TEDTalk public speaker, and an award-winning author of the book “Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation,” a C-suite targeted cultural and digital transformation book.

Frances and her strategic partners help clients to understand and operationalize

inclusion as a business imperative from the very top.


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