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Rima Safari

Partner, Consulting Solutions, PwC LLP

Rima has broad experience in strategy through execution and is widely recognized as a technology strategy and transformation expert. In support of Your Tomorrow, Rima led the Integrated Solutions build-out and has developed 5 digital assets with working prototypes for sales conversations and repeatable playbooks for quality execution.
She partnered with the Acceleration Centers to build out the ‘Architecture as a Service’ offering which can be leveraged across sectors to provide technical architecture expertise across business areas such as customer relationship management, billing, claims etc. and will significantly improve the quality of our delivery.
Rima drove a pro bono market research and expansion strategy and subsequent mobilization for Lumity, a non profit organization focused on providing access to the latest technologies and training to nonprofits and young adults from underserved communities.
A Carnegie Mellon alumni, she continues to be an active member of their alumni network, helps with career fairs, case competitions as well as recruiting efforts for PwC to hire top talent from this university. She leads the Women’s Network within the PwC practice and is active in the Women in Technology community in New Jersey and continues to mentor women engineers.



Rima Safari
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