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Chinese number gestures are said to have been made as a way for ancient business people to communicate discreetly in public places or to avoid misunderstandings caused by dialects. Now, these special expressions through hand are used everywhere in China for commercial and day to day communication. Many Chinese locals are convinced they are universal across cultures!

The extended talk 53964 rechargeable lithium ion battery pack for Motorola 2-way radios in DTR series radios. This spare battery keeps 2-way radios operating at peak condition when main battery runs low. Ideal for busy businesses such as large restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and more. Compatible with Motorola DTR Series 2-way radios.

Ofgem is also cracking down on the practice whereby companies use customer money to prop up their business rather than buy energy. It says this is one of the root causes of the failures of many of those suppliers who exited the market.

The assembled energy bosses expressed support for the announcement last week by the regulator, Ofgem, that it will pursue tighter controls to prevent companies from using customer funds to prop up their businesses.

It's not just not in the original three movies, it's not in any of the spin off stuff (role playing games, assorted official novels, comic books) until after the prequel trilogy. Unless it popped up in some Jedi centered thing I didn't read. In fact, in the sequel official novels, when Luke rebuilds the Jedi, he does take a middle path that says that love is good, and even gets married.So far, in the game Jedi light side options have a bad tendency to be... er... obnoxious goody goody (there's probably a tv trope for it, but I'm afraid to go look). It's not just what your character does, it's how they do it. In the early stuff while you're a padawan, you come off like the sort of kid who just loves telling the teacher about anything "bad" the other kids are doing. Maybe it's the voice acting for the female consular, not just the lines, but it sure wasn't doing anything for my being a Jedi fan (something I've never been*).*I suppose that should be elaborated on. I can kind of excuse Obi Wan lying to Luke - I can think of plenty of very understandable reasons why he didn't want to be honest about Vader. (Up to and including that he'd convinced himself that Anakin and Vader were two different people because furble wurble gobbledy gook while he was being a desert hermit.) Yoda, though... I don't like it when wise mentor characters claim certainty and knowledge they don't actually have. And Yoda either straight up lied to Luke or seriously misrepresented things to Luke when it came to Luke going to rescue his friends. He told Luke to let them die if he honored what they were fighting for and - shit, half the time I fast forward the Yoda/Luke parts *sheepish* - either implied or straight up said that if Luke went to rescue them the rebellion was doomed.I have two issues with this. One, Yoda was wrong. Luke went, semi-succeeded, and the rebellion succeeded. It's even possible that the rebellion would have failed if he hadn't gone - we don't know, but Leia, at least was an important leader in the rebellion, and Han, Chewie, and Lando came in mighty handy in the battle. Hell, Yoda even admitted you can't bloody see the future for sure. Yet he was fine with telling Luke to sacrifice his friends.Issue two is that Yoda is incredibly not good with people (as the prequels make very, very clear). He should've sat down with Luke down and talked over the situation. Okay, Vader's torturing your friends for the express purpose of capturing you, so you going to rescue them is extra risky. Perhaps we can figure something else out. Also, Obi Wan was an idiot and didn't tell you, but Vader's your father. Thought you should know. Or at least advise Luke to stick to rescuing his friends, not going off to face Vader, which is when the whole thing started going south.(Granted, it is entirely possible that Luke's going accomplished nothing, since it was primarily Lando who rescued Leia, Chewie, and 3PO.)In short, though, Jedi think they're a lot shinier good than they really are. (which makes the portrayal in the game pretty much how I've always thought of them, actually)

If the Republic can't ensure civil rights for people living on worlds that are part of their Republic, frankly, they need to get cracking. I'm not saying that it's specifically the Jedi's fault or responsibility, but if Tatooine is actually part of the Republic, I have no problem blaming the Republic for allowing it to be what it is, apparently without any kind of intervention or sanction.I agree on this point - looking at my exact wording, I think it's grammatically okay but maybe not semantically clear that I'm saying "The Jedi can't be expected to enforce Republic law on every world", with the implication that this should be the Republic's job. From dialogue in Ep1 (Watto talking about currencies, Shmi talking about Hutt rule) I think it's implied that Tatooine is not a Republic world, but there's still wiggle room for 'this is a Republic world on paper but in practice they don't enforce anything and the mob is in control'.---I used to write SW fanfic and had such fun doing it. I've often wondered if there's anyway to make a "real" book out of my stuff without someone immediately going STAR WARS!!Maybe if I make everyone sci-fi monks with swords and mystical powers oh wait--I do this all the time. I start with 'how would I turn this old fanfiction into my own setting', start prodding at character origins and goals, fixing inconsistencies with magic/technology/whathaveyou, and before long I'm off to the races and the similarities have been buried under six layers of new worldbuilding.There is room in the world for more and better sci fi wuxia, which ultimately Star Wars rather is. I think we'd have to ditch the lightsabers, and probably midichlorians too (oh noes), but Superhuman Monks In Space is plenty to get started with. Actually, the sci fi setting would be all the justification we need to introduce real sciencey sonoluminescence as a perk of the monks' superhuman powers: their mightiest spirit-infused strikes moved with such speed and force as to actually create flashes of light. Which then makes me think that I bet they look amazing when they dance. No one who dances will ever be mistaken for a canonical Jedi.


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