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Accusonus Drumatom 2.2.1

dynamics processing in drumatom is extremely customizable. you can make subtle adjustments to the snare channel to reduce the impact of hi-hats or accentuate the snare hit itself. you can also dial in a more aggressive or more subtle approach for the individual tracks.

Accusonus Drumatom 2.2.1

drumatom is based on a3 technology which was initially developed for detecting cancer in patients using mri. using a3, developers can separate a tumor from surrounding tissue and determine the characteristics of the tumor itself. since the same technology can be used to separate sound sources, a3 is perfect for separating sounds like drums, horns, and vocals, and creating instruments like kick drums, gongs, and bells.

programmable this is the first drum leakage reduction application that can be easily programmed and edited in a live recording environment. drumatom is a hybrid software/hardware solution, working as an algorithmic plug-in. the programmable ability of drumatom enables you to dial in the perfect drum sound and make it a reality in your mix. you can also develop your own algorithms or use the ones pre-programmed by the developers at accusonus.

perfect for dance & hip hop dance and hip hop producers are often more interested in the individual drums than the rhythm tracks. this is why they're often the producers who are hardest hit by unwanted bleed. drumatom is the perfect solution for these applications.

no audio filtering drumatom is not a gate or a compressor. this is not a gate, it does not add gates, it does not add compression, it does not compress. drumatom works in a completely different way. the way that drumatom works is that it separates mic leakage from drum tracks. it does not change the drum sound in any way. it works by removing mic leakage from drum tracks, not altering the drum sound.


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