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Screen Off And Lock Donate V1.17.2 Apk (Latest Version) VERIFIED

These rings would be easily reached using fippers that are centered just below the rings.When locked-on to Sonic & Knuckles, it is possible for Knuckles to collect these rings by gliding to the far left from the highest wall.In the August 21 prototype or final version, these flippers could be used to reach the enigmatic rings on Act 1.

Screen Off and Lock Donate v1.17.2 Apk (Latest Version)

This is an empty level slot that exists in the game, which contained remnants of Labyrinth Zone in the Nick Arcade prototype. It can be accessed via Pro Action Replay code FFFE10:0100 or Game Genie code ACLA-ACD8 (AB6X-ACBR when locked-on to Sonic & Knuckles), and choosing "Sound Test" on the stage select menu (Special Stage with lock-on). This stage is an objectless version of Emerald Hill Act 1. Additionally, it has a Tails icon, much like the Wood Zone remains. Finishing Act 1 by hacking in an animal capsule will send you to Emerald Hill Zone Act 1. It reuses Emerald Hill Zone's animals, Ricky and Flicky.

The level slot containing Wood Zone in the prototypes has something left in the final, albeit less than Hidden Palace: palette, palette cycle, start position, rasterized layer deformation data, background scrolling data, object data and music selection data. Accessing it via Pro Action Replay code FFFE10:0200 or Game Genie code ACLA-AECY (AB6X-AEBR with Sonic & Knuckles lock-on) and selecting Emerald Hill Act 1 (or by simply starting the game with the code active) or selecting Special Stage in Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2) in the level select leads to an objectless (since Wood Zone had no objects to begin with, even the debug object listing only has rings and teleport monitors) version of Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 with Wood Zone's palette, Metropolis Zone's music and some glitchy collision. Sonic uses Tails' life counter as the code points to it (in the Simon Wai and August 21st builds, this was Wood Zone's PLCs), and while locked on to Sonic & Knuckles the life counter's text is red. Playing this on Revision 02 and every version based on it (Mega Play Arcade, Knuckles in Sonic 2 and Sonic Classics) will have a scrolling glitch due to said versions removing its scrolling code. Some sprites from Metropolis Zone can be loaded into this zone. If you hack in an animal capsule and clear Act 2, you'll go to Metropolis Zone. It reuses Emerald Hill Zone's animals, Ricky and Flicky.

Another empty stage can be accessed with Pro Action Replay code FFFE10:0300 or Game Genie code ACLA-AGD8 (AB6X-AGBR with Sonic & Knuckles lock-on), and like with ID 01 above, it can be accessed by choosing "Sound Test" on the stage select screen (Special Stage with lock-on). This stage is nearly identical to ID 01, with the only differences being that some of the background is still intact, as well as the fact that it uses Oil Ocean Zone's theme as its default music. Badnik sprites from Metropolis Zone and Emerald Hill Zone are loaded. This level slot belonged to Emerald Hill Zone in the Nick Arcade prototype and then went unused in the Simon Wai prototype. Finishing Act 1 will send you to Emerald Hill Zone Act 1. It reuses Emerald Hill Zone's animals, Ricky and Flicky.

The level slot containing Hidden Palace Zone in the prototypes actually retains the level's object layout, palette, underwater palette, palette cycle, ring layout, but the art and block mappings point to Oil Ocean's 1616 mappings, the level layout points to Oil Ocean Zone Act 1, the collision is from Oil Ocean's 16x16 Collision index, and the Badniks' code was removed. By using Pro Action Replay code FFFE10:0800 or Game Genie code ACLA-ATD4 (ACLA-ATDR in the "Rev. 00" version of the final, and AB6X-ATBR with Sonic & Knuckles lock-on) and selecting Death Egg in the level select (Special Stage in Knuckles in Sonic 2), you can see this for yourself. This level uses track 10 of the sound test (otherwise unused) and Oil Ocean's debug item list. The second Act can be accessed with the code AGLA-ATD4, and finishing it by placing an animal capsule with debug mode will take you to Oil Ocean Act 1. While locked onto Sonic & Knuckles, the game will automatically reset upon reaching the end of the stage.

Another empty level slot, which can be accessed by using Pro Action Replay code FFFE10:0900 or Game Genie code ACLA-AWD8 (AB6X-AWBR with Sonic & Knuckles lock-on) and choosing "Sound Test" (Special Stage with lock-on) in the level select. This version of the stage uses garbled Emerald Hill Zone tiles and badnik sprites from Oil Ocean Zone are loaded, has very little collision data, and no objects present within the debug menu, making it impossible to finish by any means. Just as it is originally the Simon Wai prototype, the default background music is the same as Sky Chase Zone. When finished by hacking in an animal capsule, you'll go to Emerald Hill Act 1. It reuses Hidden Palace Zone's set of animals, Micky and Rocky. This zone has water height listed however, this is likely just a leftover from HPZ.

Mini Battles are minigames that can be played in various levels, when a Yoshi receives a key and enters a Bonus Game Shack. These are competitive fights against a Bandit, and besting that Bandit earns the Yoshi a reward. Mini Battles can later be played in the main level selection screen after they have been unlocked. If the players hold and press , , , , and on the level selection screen, a screen pops up listing all Mini Battles, as well as a 2-player version of Throwing Balloons and Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest and a 4-button Throwing Balloons mode.

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