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Project Lazarus ZOMBIES - Kill All Give Point...

For example, on round 4 it will require 8 headshots from the Beretta M9 before a zombie can be killed with a single knife strike. Note that this is not necessary for round 1, as zombies will die in a single knife strike.

Project Lazarus ZOMBIES - Kill All Give Point...

The one exception is when the Insta-Kill power-up is active, as any damage will be sufficient to kill. Knifing zombies during this time will allow the player to preserve ammunition and gain more points per zombie. But if you are being cornered, switch to using any other weapon instead, as the small interval between any knife swings can still leave the player vulnerable. Even with Insta-Kill, knifing will still be much less effective against crowds compared automatic weapons.

Overall, the main advantage of the knife is to damage zombies without the expenditure of ammunition. It is better than using the Beretta M9 because of its ability to one hit kill during the first round. However, the knife only truly shines in the first few rounds when against a handful of zombies. It does not allow the player to gain headshots and the time between swings can leave the player defenceless. It becomes most helpful later on during the effects of the Insta-kill power-up, allowing the player to conserve precious ammo while granting more points for melee kills.

When using the Ray Gun for offensive capabilities, it is beneficial to round up the zombies first! Shooting zombies in a straight line defeats the purpose of the added splash damage buff and is an inefficient way of using ammo, especially late game. Once the zombies are rounded up, it is recommended to shoot the horde no more than four times to conserve ammo, as the Ray Gun always kills within four shots. Having a Ray Gun is ideal past round 50 to avoid high effort and time consumption.

To keep it simple, The PAP'd Frostbite is able to one shot a horde of zombies by freezing them to a immovable block of ice. When shooting zombies directly it will instantly transform them to ice, furthermore, inside of the radius of the dome outputted from the Frostbite's direct hit, zombies will initially be slowed down (including the player) leaving them in a state still able to hit you, then transform into ice shortly after. Frozen zombies should commonly be noted as dead as they cannot hit you or move, having said that, the Frostbite can act as a double edged sword as it slows the player down and creates a blockade of frozen zombies, effectively creating a wall behind which slowly accumulates only a few normal zombies in the time the frozen zombies would die, nevertheless, the Frostbite will save you from being cornered, or even being cornered off guard and using then Frostbite due to direct hits instantly freezing the zombie about to hit you then the splash killing the zombies behind the frozen zombie holding you in a corner. The limitation of the Frostbite being only obtainable by a single user still requires non-frostbite loadouts being planned, the players can decide if the Frostbite is to be given to the best player on your team or the person who is able to utilize it the best or leave it to the Mystery Box's RNG.

Zombies are killed either by players or by the Nuclear Bomb drop. All zombies must be killed before the next round begins. Each new round is more difficult than the last round as the number of zombies and the health of each zombie increases. The damage a zombie inflicts does not change. Players will die in 3 hits, or 5 if they have the Juggernaut perk equipped.

Helpful Tip: Let zombies fully break down entrances, kill them once they enter the facility, and immediately re-fortify the entrance to get +50 points. Repeat as new zombies arrive. Note: The game only awards a certain amount of points each round for fortifying barriers. If any barriers have been partially or fully broken, wait until the next round has started to earn points for repairing the barrier.

On Round 1, zombies die in one knife hit. On Round 2, zombies die in 2 knife hits. On Round 3, zombies die in 3 knife hits. Knife all zombies to conserve ammo in the Beretta M9 and to receive 130 points for a knife kill!

Urban Dictionary effectively defined training as "the act of letting all the zombies spawn in a wave and running laps around the map. Once all the zombies spawn you kill them and start the cycle over." This is a vital strategy that every player must know.

Basically, instead of killing zombies, run in circles around the map. The zombies will form a "train" behind you as they accumulate and chase you. If you run into any new zombies, dodge them and let them add to the train. Only shoot zombies that are blocking you from going up either staircase. Don't run too far ahead since you don't want to run into the other end of the train.

Always focus on running laps in one direction. Never turn round and go back on yourself as you will inevitably run into the horde that you were attempting to "train". After a while, every single zombie currently spawned will be on a "train" behind you. This is good because you won't run into any new ones and you can eventually turn around and headshot them, dealing penetrative damage. Note that there is a maximum number of zombies that can be on the map at one time, so when you kill the whole train new ones will spawn until all of the zombies in the round are killed.

No doors are opened until the power room is reached by going up the stairs, through the bathroom, and opening the bathroom-hallway door to the power room. This method requires 2750 points (1000 for stairs, 750 for bathroom, 1000 for power room door). After the power is turned on, no player opens the other door to the power room. In later rounds, the team will camp in the power room, hallway, and bathroom, and nearly all the zombies will be funnelled through the bathroom. Two or more players with advanced weapons (Ray Gun, M249 SAW/SCAR-HAMR, AK-47/HK-416, Dragunov SVU/AWP) can alternate killing the rush of zombies in the bathroom while one player mans the window next to the Bathroom entrance.

In the later rounds, it is generally a good idea to kill all the zombies except the last one, which a player might trap by continually repairing a wall while the zombie ("Ned" or "Ned the Zed") tries to enter. This gives all the other teammates the opportunity to buy perks, check the Mystery Box for guns, communicate strategy, or take a restroom break. The player may call out "I got Ned!" or "Don't Kill Ned!" to indicate that the last zombie is trapped. Eventually, the final zombie is left roaming the facility, and everyone just dodges it until it is time to kill it. A team-focused player might take the zombie away from everyone else and run in circles to keep the zombie following him instead of attacking other players. Usually, this strategy is announced by someone saying, "Don't kill the last zombie." Inexperienced or uncooperative player(s) will often kill it anyway.

The SA58 OSW + Double Tap effectively kills zombies even past Round 20 if you don't have a better weapon. Camp the power room and purchase extra ammo for the SA58 when needed. The SA58 is located on the wall to the left of the power room facing the switch. The zombies you kill with it will make up for the points you need to spend on ammo.

Players receive points from fortifying entrances, damaging and killing zombies, and activating certain power-ups. Points can be spent on weapons, refilling ammo of wall weapons, perks, the Mystery Box, and clearing debris. Players starting at Round 1 or joining in at a later round will always start with 500 points. There is no upper limit for the number of points you can have at once, and you always keep your points, even if you are killed and never revived at all.

Since you get 10 points for all non-lethal shots to zombies, one tapping a zombie in the head gives 100 points but double tapping a zombie in the head gives 110 points. In later rounds when zombies have a lot of health, you can actually receive more total points by shooting them with a weak gun in the body instead of the head so they survive more hits, but this is usually a waste of ammo and time. This tactic is not recommended as this will also increase the chances of getting yourself 'downed'.

Juggernog and Double Tap Root Beer are vital for prolonged survival. By dying in 5 hits instead of 3 with Juggernog equipped, a player may dodge hordes of zombies and afford extra hits inflicted by zombies as the player escapes. In later rounds, zombies have so much health that it is almost impossible, or a waste of ammo, to kill them without Double Tap Root Beer equipped.

Speed Cola is a valuable perk in later rounds to quickly gun down zombie hordes and reload. Without Speed Cola, guns reload very slowly, and in this reloading time zombies can easily hit a player enough times to kill the player, even with Juggernog equipped.

Quick Revive can be useful to quickly revive killed players and let them return to killing zombies, which lessens the pressure on surviving players. However, during later rounds there may be so many zombies that it is impossible to safely get to and revive killed players, making Quick Revive ineffective. In fact, if a player dies during a late round, they are usually doomed unless the surviving players clear the zombies, start the next round thus instantly reviving downed players, or manipulate the zombie hordes so that there are no zombies around the killed player. If a player does manipulate the hordes effectively, they will be able to revive a killed player even without Quick Revive equipped.

Power-ups are glowing green orbs with a representative symbol dropped by killed zombies that grant benefits to every present player. A player must touch the orb to trigger the power-up, or it will disappear shortly. Dead players can trigger the power-up if they move toward it. Power-ups are dropped by zombies less often as the rounds progress. There are 5 power-ups in the game.

When Insta-Kill is triggered, seek out hordes of zombies to massacre. Since every zombie dies in a single hit, it is significantly harder to be downed by them, and you should use the opportunity to reduce their numbers. To save ammo, you can knife them, but shooting them allows much more to be killed before Insta-Kill deactivates. Shoot far-away zombies once to get rid of them if there are no hordes nearby. If you can't find any zombies to kill, peek out entrances on the ground floor to snipe them as they spawn. 041b061a72


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