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ERG Forum


Leadership and
Personal Growth

Tuesday, March 19, 6 pm - 8 pm

Floor 2, 40 Rector St, New York,

NY 10006

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AABR 2023:
ERG Forum

In the post-pandemic world of work, listening to the voice of your employees is more critical than ever, and the role of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) has never been more pivotal. In addition, about 60% of respondents to AABDC’s ERG survey in the fall of 2022 indicated that the level of engagement with the ERGs in their organizations increased as a result of the pandemic and remote work arrangements. This indicates that ERGs are a valued engagement vehicle for employees during the time when they might feel otherwise less “connected” at work. 


The Asian American Business Development Center (AABDC) has recognized the impact and influence of ERGs, and built up trusted relationships with a number of these groups over the years to offer support, professional resources, and networks.


Now we’re expanding on this mission, by convening an ERG Forum in the winter of 2023. To ensure that the needs of ERGs are fully represented in this conference, we surveyed ERG members across the nation and at multiple industries and built the agenda based on the feedback. 


We know that to capitalize on the moment when employees turn to ERGs, the organizations must ensure that ERGs are well-positioned to respond to this demand. We believe that the Forum will help ERG leaders, members and supporters grow their professional networks, share best practices with other ERGs across multiple industries, and develop new relationships with the broader community.

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